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The Estate Agent-specific online chat solution.


Konversable combines chatbot automation and live chat to give your agency a 24/7 multi-channel presence. Integrating onto your website, FB Messenger, and WhatsApp, Romi instantly welcomes and engages visitors, captures valuation and property enquiries, answers FAQs, and offers live chat backup.

With the ability to also include pre-recorded video, you can introduce the business, chat about your services, and include content like client testimonials. This helps to build trust, puts a face to the brand, and makes the website experience more human.

As the leading choice of contact method for consumers in 2022, online chat is a must-have for your Estate Agency. When our clients add this, they immediately notice a significant increase in online enquiries and leads.

Our team set up and customise Konversable for your individual agency, so you don’t have to. This includes custom flows, chatbot responses, branding, and colour schemes. Simply choose the channels you want it on, and we’ll do the rest.

No setup fee, no contract, and a 30-day free trial. Give Konversable a try today!


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