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Growth Track is now Estate Track


I’m delighted to announce that Growth Track is now Estate Track!

Growth Track was set-up over 10 years ago to help Estate Agents across the UK look more professional and drive more traffic to their websites with the use of Branded Emails.

Firstly, tell you a little bit about our history, the business came into being as a result of us solving our own issues as when we were Estate Agents, we were frustrated by the fact that our negotiators were sending approximately 60 emails a day (20,000 a year, per person) but they could do little more than add a signature at the bottom. Given that they were sending them in any event and it was a fantastic but wasted opportunity to use them to advertise our brand, we set about creating something that would enable us to do this.

It formed part of our marketing mix that helped our business grow and after successfully exiting it, we were approached by others asking if they could use it and thus version one of Growth Mail was born. It has been developed into a world class product and to date have helped thousands of agents to drive millions of clicks to their websites and beyond and over time, have added to our suite of services with an email marketing platform, social media management and SEO services.

As well as our own services, many new proptech tools have been created that help generate leads from instant valuation tools, market data, portal qualifiers and more, however, using them and connecting them all together would mean dealing with many suppliers, require advanced marketing skills and deep pockets.

Additionally, they nearly all drive the visitors to your website and given it’s common for an agent to get a new site and then never update it for many years until they pay for a new one, they are not always good as can be. They often lack key elements such as modern design, quick speeds, poor mobile layouts and in the case of instant valuations tools, drive the visitor back to another website made to look like yours (therefore losing the valuable traffic), so we embarked on a project to build and bring all the tools you need together, into one platform.

Your website shouldn’t be a compromise and understanding these issues, and with my Co-Founders previous experience of building super high-end websites, a talented team of developers and engineers at our disposal, a deep understanding the latest digital trends insights (we sit on the DMA email and social Councils), we started the project a little over 2 years ago.

One of the key goals was to provide as part of the platform, a high end website with everything you would need included, together with a range of lead generating tools and be able to connect them with each other so you can automate the marketing you don’t have time for – and then do it all for an amazing price. Compared to other providers, we worked out that we could save some clients over a £1000 a month which we of course think would be better spent using it run targeted adverts and driving potential clients back to a stunning new Estate Track website and nuture them to win more business!

As with any development, it was a tall task and a major investment, but we worked with (and would like to thank) a large number of existing clients who helped develop the platform, and going forward we are constantly developing new features and they all get added at no extra cost. So far, there are over 250 with more coming soon, and of course the best way to experience the platform is to make available 45 minutes of your time and book in a demo.

We are excited at the future ahead and look forward to supporting you in your journey of success!

by Stephen Phillips

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