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Over 260 incredible features in one incredible platform.

Websites Websites.

CRM Property Import

All your properties are automatically added to your website from your software.

Map Search

Enable your prospects to search your instructions on a map.

Intuitive Search

Use any location, postcode or address detail to find a property.

Filtered Search

Add specifics to your search such as the number of bedrooms or budget requirements.

Street View

Easily allows prospects to switch between maps and street views.

Featured Properties

Enables you to highlight your latest sales or lettings properties across your sites pages.


Enables prospects to save a list of their favourite properties on your site.

Share Properties

Enables prospects to share properties across their social networks.

Display Control

Display or hide properties with certain qualifiers, such as Shared Ownership or New Homes

Sold and Let Galleries

Automatically display your successes on individual sold and let galleries that integrate with your other assets.

HTTPS Security

Your site comes with an SSL certificate and display the secure  padlock in browsers.

Viewing Request Forms

Each property comes with a simple viewing request form, placed on page and pinned to scroll with the details

Mobile Responsive

Our themes have individual page designs for desktop and mobile, and respond on smaller screens like tablets.

Sold and Let Controls

Dynamic controls over sold and let properties allow you to decide what remains on your site, in your main listings and the details they have.

Mortgage Calculator

Every property page has a mortgage calculator below the main details.

Stamp Duty Calculator

The stamp duty is automatically calculated, and displayed broken down on every sales listing.

Customisable Display Address

Allows you to choose to display the address you use for marketing or append with the full postcode.

Videos and Virtual Tours

Your site will feature a pop-out, full screen modal to play videos and virtual tours on any screen.

Brochure Downloads

Your brochures are available via a clear CTA and displayed in a new window as scrollable pdfs.

List and Grid View

Control how your listings are displayed by default when users reach your site.

Photo Gallery and Slideshow

Your property images are available on page, in a full screen gallery or as an automated slideshow with controls.

Area Listing Pages

Portal imitating area pages provide dedicated, indexed page for each area or branch from your software feed, perfect for Google rankings.

Individual Branch Feeds

Highlight properties by branch across your site and digital assets.

Highlight Price Reductions

Reduced price properties can be highlighted with status pills to put emphasis on reductions.

Floorplans and EPCs

Clear buttons to access floorplans and EPC certificates on page and in the media gallery.

New Development Landing Pages

Allows you to list and let users search your developments, adding the individual plots to that specific development page.

Homepage Video Hero and Search

Add a video to the homepage header and overlay a search bar for instant impact.

Homepage Hero Slider

Feature several key messages with bold imagery as soon as the user lands on your website.

Homepage Hero Latest Properties

Focus on and highlight your latest properties as soon as the user lands on your site.

Homepage Hero Latest Reviews

Wow users with your best and latest testimonials the minute they land on your site.

Overlay Menu Option

Switch from a dropdown to a hamburger menu with a full screen overlay menu for a high-end look and feel.

Mega Menu

Include lists and imagery in your menu tabs to impress your audience, expand the options and add an extra design element.

Newsletter Signup

Drive visitors to your mailing list with a simple signup form displayed across your site.

Performance Optimised

Incredibly fast websites, designed for first paint speeds and optimised for Google.

Dynamic Meta

Your property listings include dynamic meta content controlled by the address you’ve added in your CRM.

Automated Schema

Schema is structured language that Google reads and we add it to the key pages in your site for on-page SEO.

Optimised for SEO

Your site is designed with SEO in mind, handling all the on-page elements, so that your SEO team doesn’t need to worry.

Conversion Tested

Our themes are built and designed by conversion experts, with each section designed to engage and direct users to convert.

UX Form Design

Each theme has a set of forms that have been designed and tested for ease of use to decrease drop-off rates, including single page layouts, wizards and iconography.

World Class Hosting

We use the very best web hosting, ensuring your website is secure, always up-to-date and has the latest software versions on the server to make your site fly.

Ongoing Management

Our team will make amends to existing pages and sections when needed. No need to worry about spiralling costs for small amends any longer.

High End Designs

All of our themes have been specifically designed to give the impression of a stunning, bespoke website.

Fully Customisable

Our themes are modular meaning no two sites ever look the same, and you have a range of options and choices to make them your own.

Beautiful Inner Pages

Unlike templated websites, our inner pages are designed to look as stunning as your home page and make all your content as engaging as it can be.

Search Engine Friendly URLs

We include search engine friendly URLs across your site, removing elements such as search parameters and id numbers that Google doesn’t want to index.

Control Centre Dashboard

The most usable dashboard on the market – period. Easily add staff, blog articles, reviews, video reviews and more.

Team Members

Add your staff to team and branch pages in minutes and control their display using a simple ordering system.

Branch Pages

SEO friendly URL, automatic opening hours, areas covered, area guide links, live maps, latest properties, team members and an in-page contact form all on one simple branch page.

Dynamic Area Guides

Our area guides are more than a list of coffee shops and schools. We include live market data and house prices, rental market overviews, featured properties and more making them dynamic, engaging and updating the content for search engine relevancy.

Cookie and Privacy Policies

We include all your policy documents for you. If you don’t have them already, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Cookie Banner

We include a styled cookie pop-up banner on every site.

Integration Ready

Our platform has been designed to quickly add any script to anywhere on the site as a whole or on individual pages. Live chat, Analytics, Tracking, Property Appraisals – you name it, we can add it anywhere in minutes.

Website Tracking

Get alerted, send campaigns or add returning visitors and prospects to nurture journeys when they visit certain pages on your website.

Indexed Area Page(s)

Your main area(s)/branch location(s) have their own property listing page with an SEO friendly url, allowing it to be indexed in Google results in the same way the portals do.

Town or Location Pages

Easily create niche location pages for marketing campaigns and SEO purposes, highlighting a certain area, town, street or any other location and automatically displaying all available listings alongside any other content you want to display.

Live market data Live market data.

Updated Every Month

Up-to-date market data, refreshed every 30 days covering both sales and rental markets.

Modular Market Sections

Add market information in full or just the bits you want to any page on your site, including  landing pages you use for campaigns.

Property Prices and Changes

Average property price, square footage, price changes and properties sold.

Stats by Type

Prices, price changes and percentage of the market by property type.

Rental Market

Average rents by type, plus yields and changes.

Integrated in Website

Our live data pages aren’t just widgets, but actually part of your website so they never feel out of place and always look stunning.

Shared Across Digital Assets

Once on your site, we are able to feed the live data across other platforms such as social media and emails.

Area Specific

Live data can be combined from multiple adjoining postcodes so you can be as broad or specific as you like.

Additional Branches

Each branch will have its own live data feed updating every 30 days across your digital assets.

Area Guide Library

A visual page to display multiple areas and linked to calls-to-action on emails and social posts automatically.

Blog content Blog content.

Article Every Week

A new article, from a range of topics is added to your site every week.

Professionally Researched

Each article has been professionally researched and approved before publishing to ensure accuracy.

Written by Journalists

Our articles are written by journalists with knowledge of the property industry and an understanding of the key issues that consumers face.

Lifestyle Articles

Included amongst the news are hand selected lifestyle pieces to give your blog a magazine feel and break up the tone of information and increase appeal and engagement.

Main Categories

The bulk of the articles are designed to include news, legislation, tips and advice for both the sales and lettings audience.

Monthly Market Update

Each month we produce an article with a general view on the property market in the UK, designed to compliment your area specific data pages and inform and educate the end user.

Newsflash Articles

Normally reserved for instant news, such as the budget, additional newsflash articles are produced as necessary and added to your blog and shared across other digital assets.

Organised by Category

Your blog displays a list of the categories so your visitors can decide which articles they want to read or search through.

Royalty Free Stock Images

Every article comes with a royalty free stock image to compliment the content.

Add Your Own Articles

Our dashboard makes it easy to upload your own articles, adding them to the platform and your article feed for automated sharing.

Organise Articles In Your Own Way

Want your own categories added to your site to organise your content? No problem. Easily add categories for anything you like.

Shared Across Digital Assets

Once on your site, we are able to feed the articles to other platforms such as social media and newsletters automatically.

Reviews hub Reviews hub.

Review From Across the Web

Ou reviews hub aggregates your reviews from everywhere you have them. No more worrying where to ask clients to leave reviews.

Gated Reviews

We only pull your best reviews in to your website. You can choose 4 stars plus or 5 stars.


Our aggregator not only displays your reviews but automatically associated the review platform they come from and provides a total from all the ratings across all your reviews.

Displayed Across Your Site

Our various review modules display your best testimonials in several places across your site.

Industry Review Sites

We pull in customer testimonials from both Allagents and Estas, seamlessly adding them into your feed and onto your site.

SEO Reviews

We all know the importance of Google reviews for SEO. Our platform pulls in your best Google reviews and adds them to your site and other digital assets.

Review sites

Many agents use Trustpilot or Feefo to gather reviews so we integrate with those sites and pull in the best ones to display across your site and other digital assets.

All Details Imported

Each testimonial not only contains the content and score but the review site logo and user avatar alongside them for added authenticity.

Stylised Testimonial Page

Your site will feature a stylised testimonials page, including all your reviews, all the details, in date order. They even expand to display even those that are written in essay format.

Video Testimonials

Collect engaging video testimonials form clients and easily upload them to your site via your control centre dashboard.

Manual Submissions

Your control centre dashboard allows you to upload testimonials sent to you in other ways, such as thank you cards and emails.

Updated Daily

Never miss a testimonial. Our reviews hub scans the web daily for any new reviews and adds them to your site.

Shared Across Digital Assets

Once on your site, we are able to feed your latest reviews and testimonials across other platforms such as social media and newsletters.

Add to Every Email

Add your latest reviews dynamically to your Branded Emails banners, making sure every client and prospect sees how great you are.

Valuation portal Valuation portal.

Valuation Portal Screen

Your valuation forms combined into a stylised, valuation centre allowing users to choose the method of valuation they would like.

Book a Valuation

A simple way for your users to book a professional valuation with your team.

Visual Virtual Valuation Form

Allows users to book a virtual valuation, using icons to describe features, grade conditions as well as upload photos and choose the method of call.

Instant Valuation Form

Designed to capture enough detail needed for an instant valuation as well as extra information to help your team follow it up.

Quick Address Lookup

Your instant valuation form has a quick address lookup making it easy for users to enter their postcode and find their address.

Built Into Your Website

Unlike any other instant valuation tool, ours is built into your site for a seamless experience for the end user and allowing it to be hosted on your domain, have full control and do more with the data.

Full Data Capture

All the data from your valuation forms is sent through to your control centre as leads, split by method and available for follow-ups, campaigns and nurture journeys.

Valuation Follow-Up Email

As well as displaying the instant valuation results on-site, your prospect is sent an email with the results and a clear way to book a professional valuation.

Valuation Alert Email

The minute a valuation request comes in, your team receive an alert with the details and a link through to the lead in the control centre.

Valuation Managemt System

Our control centre allows you and your team to view to manage your leads easily.

Status and Type Marking

Automatic and manual marking of lead status allows you to organise those that have been won, lost, contacted or moved from one method to another, such as a professional appraisal.

Engaging Results Screen

Your Instant Valuation results screen is part of your website and includes links to book a valuation as well as last sold and recent similar sold prices.

Sales, Rental or Combined

Display a combined valuation or decide to only display sales or rental valuations.

Time To Move Dates

We ask users when they are thinking of moving and convert that into a date for automated follow-ups at the right time.

Assign to Team Members

Add your whole team to the alert system and use postcodes to decide who gets what lead.

Alerts by Department

Easily add multiple alerts by department, ensuring your sales and lettings leads go to the correct team.

Updatable Instant Valuations

The minute an instant valuation is requested, you get alerted, and are able to instantly update the amount, and send to the client encouraging a higher conversion rate.

Return Screen Tracking

Get alerted when a prospect has revisited their updated valuation and  contact them at the point they are most engaged.

Post Valuation Appraisal Email

Send a stunning email post-valuation with the appraisal amount, personalised messaging and highlighting your service with a clear button to instruct you.

Appraisal Email Notifiations

Know if a prospect has acted upon your appraisal email with alerts to follow-up after 2 days if they haven’t.

Customisable Update Screen

Add any sections from your site to your updated valuation screen, such as recently sold properties or live market data to help with conversions.

Works On Every Device

As all your valuation portal is built into your site, each form and screen works seamlessly across devices.

Landing pages Landing pages.

Built Into Your Website

No need for additional software. Build landing pages that are part of your website and include any sections you like.

Full Data Capture

Include on-page forms to capture any information you like and add visitors to your marketing lists in minutes.

Drag and Drop

Use our intuitive drag and drop builder to make any form you like and style your landing page with a few clicks.

Quickly Clone Pages

Easily create a new landing page by cloning an existing template.

Advanced Custom Fields

Collect any answers you want and in any format including text, dates, boolean and file uploads.

Customisable Return Screens

Add customised thank you pages using any section from your site or redirect users to a new url.

Lead Magnets

Lock your content behind forms to capture leads, such as downloadable guides.

Web Tracking

Add web tracking to your landing pages to see who visited the page and get notified at the right moment.

Mobile Responsive

As the landing pages are part of your site, they will always work on mobile devices automatically.

Lead Management

View and manage your leads in your control centre and understand what landing pages are working best.

Integrate With Nurture Journeys

Your captured data is added to your marketing lists to use in campaigns and nurture journeys.

Market reports Market reports.

Market Overview

Monthly market overview written and researched by property journalists.

Area Specific Market Data

Your live market data included as part of the report.

Branch and Area Compatibility

Individual guides for each branch or area to ensure your visitors get a guide applicable to them.

Downloadable PDF

The market report is added to your site as a full screen, downloadable pdf.

Branded to Match Your Site

The pdf reports are customised using your brand and colours so it matches your other digital assets.

Clickable Call-to-Action

A strong call-to-action banner is included allowing readers to click straight through to your valuation tool.

Report Sign-Up Section

Replace your newsletter sign-up with one to offer Free Monthly Reports and watch your database grow.

Dedicated Landing Page

A Market Report landing page allows you to send visitors from other campaigns, such as Facebook ads to sign-up for monthly reports and capture more data.

Automated Delivery

Once signed-up, your audience will receive their marketing report automatically each month, with nothing more for you to do but manage their enquiries as they come in.

Shared Across Digital Assets

Your market report articles and sign-ups are shared across all your digital platforms, such as social media and emails.

Portal qualifier Portal qualifier.

Rightmove Leads

Integrates with all sales, rental and valuation enquiries via the Rightmove data feed.

Zoopla Leads

Integrates with all sales, rental and valuation enquiries via the Zoopla data feed.

On the Market Leads

Integrates with all sales, rental and valuation enquiries via the On the Market data feed.


Integrates with all sales, rental and valuation enquiries sent through the Boomin portal.

Integrates With Valuation Portal

All portal valuation leads are sent in to the valuation management system so you can mark their status and follow-up appraisal requests.

Customised Pre-qualification Forms

Ask your prospects the questions you need in order to filter out the time wasters and get the information you need.

Built Into Your Website

A seamless experience for users and as soon as they have completed the form they can browse your site rather than leave or go back to the portal.

Lead Management System

Your qualified portal enquiries go into your control centre for your team to deal with.

Sales Qualifier

Choose to activate a set of questions for all portal sales enquiries.

Rental Qualifier

Choose to activate a set of questions for all portal rental enquiries.

Add Website Viewing Requests

Choose to include the same pre-qualifier with all your website viewing requests and managed them in the dashboard.

Full Data Capture

Your qualified leads and enquiries are added to your marketing platform for use in campaigns and automations.

Integrates with Nurture Journeys

The additional data you capture can be used to trigger nurture journeys for leads to help convert them into clients.

Email Alerts

Set up alerts for your team to be notified as soon as a new enquiry comes in to the platform.

Assign by Department

Ensure your alerts go to the right department or team member.

Portal Analytics

See which portal is performing best for which type of enquiry and compare qualified versus unqualified.

Branded Emails Branded Emails.

Clickable Advertising Banners

Add a clickable advertising banner, driving traffic to your website on every email you or your team sends.

Animated Banners

Make your brand and promotions stand out with animated banners that increase engagement.

Featured Property Banners

Include your latest properties automatically in every email your team sends.

Recently Sold Banners

Highlight your latest successes in your emails and encourage vendors to instruct you.

Just Let Banners

Show landlords just how good your team are by including your latest lets in your emails.

Seasonal Banners

Show your festive side with banners for various occasions throughout the calendar year, such as Christmas, Easter or Halloween.

Multi-Banner Campaigns

Use a set of banners to promote different services and have them rotate across the emails you send either randomly or weighted in favour of those you want push the most.

Scheduled Marketing Campaigns

Plan marketing campaigns in advance and schedule them to display – perfect for launching new developments or monthly offers.

Brand by Department

Group your team by department and show different banners for sales, lettings, accounts, new homes and more.

Client Testimonial Banners

Add your best testimonials to your banners the minute they come in and display them on every email your team sends.

Professional Signatures

Your emails will now be signed off with a stunning, bespoke designed signature displaying all your contact details in a professional manner.

Uniform Email Signatures

Ensure your whole team has the same signature design displaying the correct details.

Signatures on Every Device

No matter which device your team send emails from, their signature will always be there and always look professional.

Membership Logos

Include all your association and memberships logos in your signature.

Awards and Accreditations

Highlight the awards and accreditations you have earned in your signature so they are present on every email you send.

Company Social Media Links

Promote your social media feeds by including links in your emails to the networks you use.

Bespoke Banner Design

Our team can design the perfect banner for you, using assets you already have, live feeds of properties or stats, or something totally different. It’s up to you.

HTML Editor

If you prefer and work with designers and coders, there is the option to create your own HTML signature in the platform.

Staff Photos

Easily add profile pictures into your signatures to give that personal touch to your emails.

Admin Dashboard

Manage your teams and departments, choose which banners to display and more with our intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard.

Franchise and Branch Control

Easily setup franchise offices and branches to separate out different teams and locations for independent control.

Mobile Optimised

Your banners and signatures will be fully mobile responsive ensuring they display perfectly on any device.

Embedded Banners

No more red crosses. Embedded banners and signatures mean the images always show in your email.

Referenced Banners

Referenced banners allow you to include live data feeds, automatically changing your banners when a property is sold or you get a new review.

GDPR Compliant

Unlike bulk emails, Branded Emails works with your Office 365 emails and is fully compliant with current legislations.

365 Integration

Branded Emails is set up and authenticated with your 365 platform so your new staff are added automatically from your Active Directory daily.

Email Link Tracking

Track the links that your recipients click to see which banners are performing the best.

Google Analytics Integration

Track the success of your banner campaigns alongside your other site analytics.

Custom Tracking Domain

Include your own subdomain as a tracking domain.

Click Notifications

Turn on email alerts and get notified each time someone clicks on your banner.

Use Hierarchy Control

Set up admin users with various levels of control in the dashboard.

Email Analytics

View top senders and banner performance in the platform in simple charted formats.

Branding Previews and Tests

Don’t risk anything. Use the preview and test sends to ensure your email branding looks great before it’s assigned.

Individual Social Media Links

Replace company social media links with those specific to the individual, such as their own LinkedIn or Twitter accounts.

Disclaimer Control

Easily manage and update email disclaimers across your company.

Instant Updates

Use our instant sync button to fetch new email addresses or wait for the daily sync to run automatically.

Sync Lock

Add details manually to records in the platform and they will be locked from the 365 sync to ensure they don’t overwrite.

Batch Upload

Add additional user details however you see fit, including via a spreadsheet upload.

Newsletters Newsletters.

Automated Monthly Newsletters

You latest news delivered to your contacts every month with calls-to-action for valuations and enquiries.

Automated Property Emails

Put your latest properties on autopilot and send your newest listings to your base each week/month.

Recently Sold / Let Updates

Automatically send a list of your recent successes to your prospective vendors and landlords each month.

Automated Newsflash

Breaking news such as updates around the budget is automatically sent to your base at the time it happens.

Simple Select for Properties

Easily create lists of your latest properties and send to your applicants in a stunning template.

Drag 'n' Drop Builder

Use our simple drag and drop builder to add your own content to your mailers.

Website Tracking

Use the pages on your site as beacons for campaigns, sending stunning promotional mailers and follow-ups as your audience visits certain pages on your site.

Contact Grouping

Your contacts can be sorted in various ways, such as lists of applicants and vendors, or clients and prospects.

Contact Segmentation

Use the data you have to make your lists even more targeted, such as budget or area details for example.

Countdown Timers

Add live countdown timers to mailers to make them more engaging for new development launches or open house events.

Video Emails

Easily add videos from YouTube or Vimeo into your mailers to make them more engaging for your audience.

Inline Polls

Add quick interactive polls to your emails, making them more fun and collecting a quick opinion from your audience.

Image Editor

Use our simple image editor to crop or brighten a photo, change its size, add text or more.

Stock Image Library

Cant find an image. No problem. We have integrated with a royalty free stock library to help you find the image you need.

Image Personalisation

Our image personalisation tool allows you to add client data records into an image.

Preference Centres

Keep your audience subscribed to the right groups and mailers by turning on your preference centre and letting them decide.

Multiple Domains

More than one brand? No problem. You can add and authenticate multiple domains to send from.

Click Tracking

See what your audience are looking at, follow-up with automated campaigns or get your team to contact any recipients that engaged with your mails.

Open Tracking

Get a visual overview of who has opened your latest emails and use it to gauge initial engagement.

Detailed Reporting

Our campaign reports are full of useful information to help you get the most from your mailers, including client activity, website visits, heat maps/click trackers and more.

RSS Integration

Easily add a feed of your latest news or properties in a variety of styles and options to put your emails on autopilot.

Automation Tracking

See how well your automations and nurture journeys are doing as well as what stages your clients are in the flow.

Google Map Integration

Add Google maps to your campaigns by simply entering a postcode and then style them by zooming in, choosing the type and marker colour.

Data Merge Tags

Personalise your emails by adding any data field you have, from first name, to budget, to move-in date and more.

Set of Templates

We add a set of stunning, pre-designed templates to cover every scenario all branded up and ready to use automatically or for you to drop your content in.

Brand Control

If you decide to use the drag and drop builder to design your own  templates, all the elements you choose will be pre-formatted to match your brand, include your assets, links and company details.

Mobile Ready

Our templates and mailers are designed to work on any device and there is a multi-device preview pre-send just to make sure it looks perfect every time.

Mobile Display Options

Change the look and feel of your campaign by hiding and showing sections on different devices, giving you full control of your mailers.

Dynamic Content Blocks

Change the content displayed in your email based upon the recipient using dynamic content.

Integrated with CRM Data

Using API technology we can pull in all your existing data from your Estate Agent Software.

Zapier Integration

Bring data in from other sources such as Facebook Ads and Lead Funnels.

Upload Data Lists

Upload contact lists in minutes to create groups from existing data you have.

Blacklist Management

Automatically add unsubscribes to your blacklist or use manual control to quickly find and remove subscribers.

High Delivery Rates

Our server IP pools have incredible delivery rates and sender reputation scores helping you to hit the inbox in Hotmail and Gmail.

Spam Test

Run a spam test before you send your campaign to check whether or not your campaings might be seen as spam.

Split Testing

Easily send multiple versions of your campaign automatically to see which ones work the best before mailing to your entire database.

Goal Tracking

Use goal tracking to move clients into different groups and segments, ensuring that they are always receiving the right mailers at the right time.

HTML Emails

Quickly upload and send HTML emails from your design team or from partners you work with.

Unlimited Users

Add as many users as you need from your team.

Sender Domain Authentication

Add our SPF record and DKIM records to your domain to let servers know who is sending the email.

Domain Tracking and Hosting

Add tracking and CDN domains to ensure all imagery and tracking is shown as coming from your domain.

Unlimited Sends

Send as many campaigns as you like to your database throughout the month. (Fair usage applies.)

Internal Alerts

Send your team email alerts when their prospects engage with email campaigns based on opens or the links they click.

Nurture Journeys Nurture Journeys.

Valuation Data

Nurture your valuation leads to convert more prospects until they are ready to sell.

Viewing Enquiries

Nurture your viewing enquiries to convert more prospects from portals to browse similar listings as they come in.

Landing Page Automations

Use the data collected in automated campaigns and continue the marketing journey.

Drip Campaigns

Create a series of staggered emails to go out over a period of time.

Automated Triggers

Send campaigns out based on trigger actions from prior emails, such as opens or click actions.

Web Tracking Campaigns

Send automated email campaigns when your clients or prospects visit certain pages on your site.

Internal Alerts

Add automated notifications to alert your staff when recipients complete an action in an email, visit a page or ignore your emails completely.

Data Segementation

Easily create lists by segmenting your data from any field value you have, from type of client, status of valuation journey, budgets, rooms and more.

Dynamic Content Control

Control the content your recipients see based on their data records, enabling one email to adapt to all your clients.

Decision Based Journeys

Control the direction of your nurture journeys and automations based on decisions the recipient makes by clicking on certain links within your emails.

Goal Tracking, Wait and Delay

Allow recipients to move through their journeys during their engagement lifecycle. Set waiting times, add delays until they interact and move them once they hit certain goals.

Date Based Triggers

Send anniversary mailers to ask for valuations from completed applicants based on the anniversary of the date they moved in, or tenants on their start and end dates.

Prebuilt Templates

Use one of the prebuilt templates to quickly add your own emails to automation journeys, or clone an existing automation and easily change the content.

Drag and Drop Builder

Use our simple drag and drop flow builder to create your own automations, nurture journeys and drip campaigns in minutes.

Integrate your CRM Data

Decide when you start your automations whether to include only new data or use all your existing data sitting in your Estate Agency software.

Other Leads

Do more with your Facebook Lead Ad campaigns or other external sources by connecting them to the platform and adding to your nurture journeys and automations via Zapier.

Social media Social media.

Automated Social Posting

Ensure your social networks are always up-to-date with the latest content from your website.

Facebook and Instagram

Automated content sent to your Meta networks throughout the week, keeping your channel full and engaging.

LinkedIn and Twitter

Content can be automated to company accounts, adding to articles to your feed and extending your conversation.

Google My Business

Your weekly news articles are sent to your Google My Business profile to encourage traffic from external sources as they come across your company or services.

News Articles

All your news articles from your blog are sent to the relevant social channels with direct links back to your website.


Your latest reviews are showcased on various social networks, highlighting the positive testimonials you have received and putting them in front of your audience.

Market Data Infographics

Your live market data is turned into easily digestible infographic panels, perfect for sharing across social media as engaging content showcasing your expertise.

New Instructions

All your instructions are automatically put on your social channels with direct links back to your website for applicants to see the full details and book viewings.

Recently Sold or Let

We automatically post your latest successes on social media, encouraging would-be vendors to get in touch.

Price Reductions

We can also include reduced price properties in your social feeds should you wish to highlight those. The choice is yours.

Evergreen Marketing Posts

Stunning evergreen marketing posts are created to promote the key areas of your business and attached to the main pages in your site to increase reach and drive traffic back.

Branded Templates

All your posts are tailored to your brand, bringing in the fonts and colours used across your website.

Boost Ready

All our posts are boost ready as they link directly back to content on your site. All you have to do is press the Boost button and set your budget.

Customised Headers

We will redesign your social media headers to match your website and other digital assets creating brand consistency and recognition.

Social Analytics

Our dashboard will display your social analytics so you can see whats happening across the networks you use.

Landing Page Integration

Evergreen posts are embedded in your landing pages, so as soon as the link is displayed, the post is shown driving your social audience to your brand new landing page.

Market Report Integration

Your market report signup page is added to the evergreen cycle to generate social signups and increase your marketing list.

Valuation Posts

We automatically increase valuation requests by sharing your valuation portal and the individual links across social media using stunning promotional posts.

Property Video Posts

Your property videos can be automatically shared instead of images to help increase engagement and highlight your instructions.

Video Testimonials

Your best video testimonials are added to your social feeds, showing you audience what other clients think and building trust.

Facebook Pixel Integration

Your Facebook Pixel is added to your site, helping to increase your reach and retarget your audience as they interact with your digital channels.

Pricing shape Pricing

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